How to Boost Your Job Search with a Staffing Agency

Ever worked for a staffing firm (AKA staffing agency, temp agency, employment agency, etc.)? If not, here’s a quick run-down of some information that could be helpful as you consider this job search resource.

Staffing Agency: How It Works and What to Expect

The process varies a bit from one staffing firm to the next. Here’s a general set of steps:

  1. You can start with an application to the firm’s website or to any jobs they have posted online. Many firms are also open to you calling in to inquire. You’ll likely have to follow up with a resume
  2. A common next step is a phone call and/or an in-person meeting. Sometimes, it could even be a video interview. It all depends on that firm. The overall idea here is to get an understanding of your background, skills, preferences, etc.
  3. If they don’t have an immediate match, the firm usually will keep an eye out there and see what comes in. When something comes through that looks good, they’ll get in contact with you. Some firms will request that you check in to keep them updated on your job search status.

Ultimately, staffing firms can be a great extension of your job search. You can keep searching on your own. Meanwhile, you’ll have a firm on your side keeping an eye on their network of companies, many of which only work with staffing firms. It’s a great way to make sure you’re not missing out on any potential opportunities.

Key Staffing Agency Terms

Temporary (AKA contract)

These jobs have a specific end date. Some reasons clients need temporary associates could be for someone on medical/maternity leave, a seasonal increase in business, or a special project. Some assignments are just one day or a couple weeks, and others could be a year!

Temp-to-hire (AKA temp-to-perm)

Here, the client is looking to fill this position on a permanent basis. However, they start the associate on a temporary basis to try things out. It’s true, this trial period helps the company to see if they’re happy with your work. However, it’s also great for candidates because they can get a feel for the job and company; it’s their chance to check things out as well to be sure it’s the right match.

Direct hire

In this scenario, the company is using the staffing firm to help with the sourcing and interviewing of applicants. But when the client selects someone for the position, that individual is an employee of that company from the very first day on the job.

Written by Adam Lafield, Recruiter & Marketing Specialist