Employer FAQ

What staffing services does Johnson & Hill provide?

We work with businesses and organizations to fulfill a wide range of staffing needs, including temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire. In addition, some of our clients turn to us for on-site management and managed supplier services. Our focus is administrative staffing through four divisions: administrative, professional, legal, and accounting & finance.

Why should I use Johnson & Hill instead of filling the position on my own?

Put simply, our services take the recruitment burden off you and your team. By partnering with Johnson & Hill, you can maintain focus on the operations of your business so you can do what you do best! Instead of wading through a pile of faceless resumes, you’ll only have to assess a “final round” of prequalified candidates who match the criteria established during our consultation with you.

How are your candidates evaluated and screened?

In addition to skills and background, Johnson & Hill places a huge value on matching candidates to clients based also on personality. While building our relationship with you, we get to know you and your company so we send individuals who not only have the required skills, but also match the unique culture of your organization.

For temporary and temp-to-hire, several things occur before you ever see a resume. Our in-depth process includes phone screens, face-to-face/Zoom interviews, reference checks (comprised of at least two professional references) and computer skills assessments.

For direct hire, all candidates go through a comprehensive screening process, which narrows the pool of applicants down to those individuals who possess the skills and genuine interest in becoming part of your organization. Our process carefully examines hard and soft skills to ensure you’re receiving only the most suitable talent.

For any of our divisions and scenarios, clients can request other screening options, such as background investigations and drug screening.

How long is it going to take?

Our goal is to send you only the most qualified candidates—not just the candidates we have today. We value your time and only want you to review individuals who not only match your skill requirements, but will also fit in with your company culture right from day one. Many times, we are able to send you candidates right away. But in cases where we feel we don’t have the perfect candidate at the ready, we take a little time to proactively source the ideal talent.

Where do you find your candidates?

The first place we search is our database. This vast resource is a network that’s over 25 years in the making, and it also provides a constant influx of referrals. In addition to having full access to several job boards, we also do proactive recruiting on social media platforms. This, of course, gives us access to active candidates, but it also puts us in contact with passive candidates, many of whom are not accessible through the traditional sourcing methods.

What can I do to help ensure success?

First and foremost, our relationship with you is a team effort; we work alongside you to find the right candidates for your organization. During the process, the most helpful thing is open communication. The more you can tell us about what you want (and don’t want) in a match, the more empowered we become to find you the talent you need.

Is there an obligation to hire an employee who is assigned on a temp-to-hire basis?

No. The beauty of starting with temp-to-hire is it gives you an opportunity to make sure there is a good fit. Think of it as a test drive; if it doesn’t feel right after the trial period, you don’t have to make an offer.

When you provide us with a temporary or temp-to-hire employee, who is the actual employer?

Johnson & Hill is the employer of record. We are responsible for all employer costs, including state and federal taxes, Social Security, state and federal unemployment, workers’ compensation, and benefits.

Do any guarantees protect an employer against unsatisfactory candidates?

Our goal is to find the best possible candidates for you. But every once in a while, things don’t work out.

If you are not satisfied with a temporary or temp-to-hire employee, simply notify us within the first three days of an assignment, and we will replace that individual free of charge.

In the case of direct hires, we offer a guarantee to either refund all fees or find a qualified replacement at no charge if the candidate we placed is no longer employed within 90 days.

More questions?

We’re here to help. Give us a call at 413-746-3535 or please contact us.