Job Seeker FAQ

I’ve never worked with a staffing company before. What are some of the advantages?

Having relationships with a full array of employers in the Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut regions means we have access to many opportunities and industries with minimal investment of your valuable time. Some of the fields we staff for include legal, financial, small businesses, large corporations, higher-education, nonprofit, and manufacturing. And because many of our clients use us exclusively and never post their positions publicly, working with us improves your access to such job opportunities.

What types of jobs do you fill?

Johnson & Hill specializes in a full range of positions through our four divisions: administrative, professional, legal, and accounting & finance. We help businesses recruit for temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire.

What is temp-to-hire?

Our client’s goal is to get someone into a position on a permanent basis. But first, our candidate begins working at the company for a trial period as a Johnson & Hill employee. This is a great opportunity for the client and the candidate to see if they think the arrangement is a good fit. After the trial period, our client has the option to hire that candidate, and the candidate can decide whether or not to accept the offer and join the organization permanently.

What are the benefits of temp-to-hire?

This is actually a fantastic opportunity to try a position and see if it’s the right match for you. During your trial period, you’ll have the chance to not only try out the job itself but also get a feel for the office culture. By the end of your trial period, you have a very good idea of what the position and company are like and can make a fully informed decision about the best next steps for you.

What are the benefits of using Johnson & Hill to find a direct hire position?

Maybe you are not quite ready to launch a full-fledged search, but would like to keep your eyes open for something new. In this case, we are ideally positioned to assist you proactively. We can keep our eyes open on your behalf and let you know when something comes in that is a great match for your career goals and desires. In addition, we serve as a liaison between you and the client throughout the entire process, making everything as effortless as possible.

How much does it cost to work with Johnson & Hill?

We never charge a fee of any kind to our candidates.

Why might temporary work be a great match for me?

For many, a temporary position is a great career move.

  • Perhaps you’re looking to make a career change and need to find a way to start building some experience in a new direction.
  • If you’re conducting a specific search that you know will take a long time, doing some temporary work in the meantime is a great way to maintain an income.
  • Need a way to try different things to see what appeals to you? Temporary work can help!
  • We’ve even had some candidates who make a career just doing temporary work.

We’re happy to talk with you to see if a temporary position is right for you.

What happens after I submit my resume?

Your resume and information will be reviewed and you will hear from a Johnson & Hill professional to review and discuss next steps.

How open should I be with my recruiter?

During your conversation with our recruiters, be as open and specific as possible with regards to what you are looking for (or not looking for), including salary expectations. Be forthcoming about your skills and experience. Our goal is to build a relationship with you so we can work as a team toward a common goal – connecting you with a great opportunity. The more information you give us, the more you empower us to work effectively on your behalf.

Do I have to take any tests?

It’s possible. Because our clients are typically looking for candidates who have computer skills, they may require we submit assessment results for various computer and/or software skills. The level of skill varies from one client to the next. When assessments are required, we make the process simple and painless. And for some programs, we can even offer tutorials that help candidates to brush up on essential skills.

How can I keep the job search active?

It may take some time for us to find the right match for you, so we encourage you to check in regularly. Most temporary and temp-to-hire candidates give us a call or shoot us an email every week or two to let us know the status of their search. For our direct hire candidates, they typically check in every month or so. And the moment we receive an opportunity that meets your criteria, a Johnson & Hill professional will contact you to review all the details and gauge your interest.

What if I am not interested in a position that someone offers to me?

Tell us! At Johnson & Hill, we fully understand that nobody wins if we send you out on an assignment that you don’t want and/or that is not a match for you. So if we’re offering you something that is not of interest, you are totally free to decline that position. In the meantime, we’ll happily see what else we receive for you.

Does Johnson & Hill offer benefits?

Yes! We offer a comprehensive range of benefits to our employees. Please see benefits for a full list.

How do I get paid?

While working in a temporary or temp-to-hire position, you are a Johnson & Hill employee, so your paycheck actually comes from us. Our payroll runs weekly, and you can choose to set up direct deposit or have a check mailed to you.

How long does it usually take for someone to find work through Johnson & Hill?

Good question! And the answer is — it depends! We strive for success with each and every candidate we meet, but every candidate is different. Some get lucky and the right match comes in immediately, so they receive a call from us right away. For others, it can take longer. Not knowing what we’re going to receive from our clients would make it unfair for us to offer a guaranteed turnaround time with regards to placement.

We know how lonely and frustrating the job search is, but we’re in this with you every step of the way. Rest assured, when a position comes in for you, you are going to be the first to know.


Are you offering remote interviews?

Yes! Since the beginning of the pandemic, Johnson & Hill has been offering Zoom interviews in lieu of the traditional in-person option. This has played a huge role in keeping us all safe, but we also find that the virtual interviews still make for an effective, informative way for us to connect with our candidates. It’s created a real win-win situation.

How are companies you work with keeping employees safe while on assignment?

With each client, we work closely to ensure they are following safe protocols. In addition, we also have a supply of masks and hand sanitizer and are happy to share that with any of our employees, as needed. Johnson & Hill is committed to ensuring a safe workplace for all our employees on assignment.

Do you have remote jobs?

We do. While a number of our clients are still working on-site, the remote option has become much more common in the last year. Currently, we have clients who offer 100% remote roles and others who offer a hybrid option where some work is remote and the rest is in-office.

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