How Personal Branding Affects Your Facebook

When it comes to social media, the importance of personal branding becomes a bit more obvious than in areas like resumes and job interviews. With that said, there are still some social media questions I receive often. Since they tie directly into personal branding, this is the perfect time to dig into those topics.

Facebook matters

By now, I think most of us have a handle on the value of LinkedIn for our professional lives. But when it comes to Facebook, this one still seems to be a snag for some.

I’m a big believer in one’s right to live their life the way they want and that some personal choices don’t necessarily serve as a direct reflection of your professional self. Regardless, there are employers who still do a search on Facebook as part of their resume review process. Ultimately, we need to find a balance between personal and professional.

Applying for jobs on Facebook

If you’ve ever applied to a job on Facebook, we see your profile picture right away on the receiving end. In fact, I see that before I see you resume or summary of credentials and experience. Even if your profile is set to private, the profile picture still typically appears. For that reason, that profile picture really should be something that portrays a positive image.

But it can still be “you!”

Facebook is a personal site. For that reason, the photo can still be a personal version of you. It just needs to be an appropriate one. What about tattoos, piercings, and such? When it comes to things like this, I encourage candidates to remember what’s important to them. Maybe someone will see that aspect of you and decide not to call you for an interview. But if that’s the case, is that somewhere you really want to work anyway?

Your opinion counts, too.

While I’m a big proponent of candidates putting their best foot forward, I also encourage them to stay true to themselves. If certain things are truly part of your brand, it’s ok that not everyone is into that. In the end, you’ll be happier somewhere that values your entire brand and the entire you.

Written by Adam Lafield, Recruiter & Marketing Specialist