Read This Before Using Indeed for the Job Search

If using Indeed for the job search (and most job seekers are), this is key information. Let’s make sure that Indeed resume of yours is going to work!

Some recent changes

A while back, job seekers could upload a resume, which is what employers saw when you applied to their job. Or you had the option for Indeed to create a resume for you. Currently, the site still gives you the option to upload a resume to your profile. However, Indeed next uses that information to create an Indeed resume. It won’t simply pass along your uploaded document when you apply as it did previously.

Why does this matter?

Most likely, you don’t have a way of knowing what employers are seeing when your resume comes through. Sometimes, the Indeed resume works. But other times, we have candidates come meet with us who are disappointed when they see the resume we’re working with. Sometimes, the fields end up in the wrong places, or the resume formatting goes a little wonky. Other times, not all the experience is listed. With this market being especially competitive, it’s key that your resume be on point. Otherwise, reviewers feel unimpressed and put you in the recycle bin. This resume may not show the reality—that you’re a great match!

The easy fix

Once you hit apply, the application screen comes up. On the screen, there is a link to apply using another resume. In addition, you also have the option here to upload a cover letter and other supporting documents. But in any event, simply click this link and submit your resume of choice. On the employer side, this method results in a perfect, intact transmission of your preferred document. I tested this several times to make sure.

Overall, Indeed is a great resource. Just make sure you keep control over the information you send so you stand out as a star candidate!

Written by Adam Lafield, Recruiter & Marketing Specialist