Easy Ways to Immediately Improve Your Job Search

In a job market where competition is so tight, it’s crucial that job seekers see every interaction as an opportunity to stand out in the job search. Now even something as mundane as a quick email or a letter is an area that requires sheer perfection. On a positive note, it’s actually quite easily done! Believe it or not, the following quick and simple things will actually help you to stand out from the crowd.

Cover letters that count

The perfect chance to make a statement in the job search! Resume reviewers can usually tell when the cover is the same letter that goes out to every employer. How? Because nothing about the letter speaks to the specifics of this job. Tweak it to not only engage the reader but also to close the gap between your skills and the requirements of the position.


Email communication has become a vital part of how employers and candidates communicate. Always remember the basics:

Say hello with a greeting (it helps to double-check to ensure you’re using the correct name!). Give a quick sentence or so that explains the reason for your email. Include a call to action, if necessary or appropriate. Then close with your name. With emails in general, your name is definitely important (especially if your name isn’t part of your email address). Use complete sentences with punctuation and capital letters throughout, even if you’re sending an email from your smart phone or tablet.

All of this applies even if the person is expecting an email from you. For example, maybe they’re expecting an email with your resume attached. Still take this approach. It’s professional and really makes you look good to the reader.

Phone calls

When you’re getting ready to call a recruiter or return a voicemail, give a quick look around yourself. Are there noisy distractions? Is it a place where you can focus on the call? I’ve had times where someone called me and then moments later had to put me on hold due to a rather large eruption of noise. It can happen. It’s not always 100% avoidable. But it’s still ideal to try to anticipate possible rumblings of noise. And last, give a quick look at the bars on your phone to make sure you’ve got good strong signal for the call.

Written by Adam Lafield, Recruiter & Marketing Specialist