Your Career Needs This: How to Work Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder

Trying to work your way up to bigger, better things? Trying to find a way up the corporate ladder? Well, there are some sure-fire ways to help yourself along in that process. And of course, there are some other choices that can hinder your progress. Time to run through a quick checklist to ensure you’re on your way up!

Time is of the essence

Here’s something simple and straightforward. Be ready to start your work on time! This doesn’t mean walk in the door on time. Instead, it means be ready to start working on time. This could mean you arrive a few minutes early to grab your coffee and get settled in. That way, you can hit the ground running right on time. By the way, when you walk into work late carrying a Dunkin Donuts coffee, your supervisor instantly realizes that you chose to stop for coffee instead of showing up promptly.

And the same goes for the end of the day. Wrap up and leave on time. Be careful about closing up shop and shutting down fifteen minutes before the end of your shift. And remember, if you’re beginning work late and ending work early, your employer will notice. These minutes add up!

Ready to ask for additional assignments?

Instead of asking your supervisor for more work, why not be 110% proactive by searching out your own opportunities? Of course, if you just started your current job, you may need some more time to get settled in and see how everything works first. But once you’re part of the company’s fabric, you likely can find things on your own. This approach shows some REAL initiative and will not go unnoticed on your way up the corporate ladder!

The lowdown on gossip and chit chat

Of course, gossip is always something to stay away from.  It’s feels like common sense. I mean, who would admit to regularly getting caught up in gossip? The gossip trap is something that sneaks up on you slowly, making it easy to fall into. Just keep an eye out for it so you don’t inadvertently find yourself in the middle of something ugly.

In terms of chit chat, it’s normal to take a little bit of time for some idle talk with the coworker in the next cubicle. But be careful with going overboard. Just use some self-awareness to realize how much time you spend doing this. After all, in your employer’s mind, time is money!

Attitude is key

If employers could shout this from rooftops, they would! Skills are excellent. Experience is an asset. But even the most talented employee is not very effective if he or she has a rotten attitude. So take a deep breath. Get grounded. And find the best in yourself and your coworkers. Be courteous and patient. You’ll probably notice that other people tend to respond positively to great attitude and will mirror it back. And if they don’t, who cares? Regardless, you’ll be in a positive, healthy place. Negativity from a coworker here and there won’t be able to tear you down!

And last…do your job!

This seems to go without saying, but how many times have we thought this to ourselves? “I don’t feel like doing this today.”  Or “I don’t get paid enough for this.” Well, the reality is that the job must get done at some point, and you’re the person who has to do it. You can just get through it in a timely fashion (and impress your employer by being proactive). Or you can keep putting it off until someone notices. Then they have to follow up with you about why the task is not completed.