Ditch That Obsession with a One-Page Resume

Wracking your brain trying to figure out how to get your resume to fit onto one page? Here’s the good news: stop! The days of the one-page resume requirement have come to an end!  But before you pop open the bubbly, let’s look closer at your situation for some more precise thoughts.

So why did this whole one-page resume come into existence in the first place?

At one point, employers were flooded with resumes that were too “fluffed up.” So essentially, it was impossible to reach the heart of the applicant’s actual qualifications. As a result, the one-page resume rule was born. This forced candidates to be very concise and include only the most pertinent information.

More good news

These days, resume styles have changed a bit. For example, the current trend encourages applicants to create a summary section and a skills section at the beginning of the resume. So with that information taking up one third of the page, how does one then fit all his or her expert experience within the remaining half-page of space? The answer is, you don’t! Instead, the applicant should do the unthinkable—go on to a second page.

But before we get carried away

Of course, there is a rather large “but” coming up right about now. We just can’t get back to the point where we return to the fluffy resume. While it is okay now to proceed to a second page, it’s still important to remain concise. Otherwise, the dreaded one-page resume trend may once again rear its ugly head!

The take-away

If you are able to convey your experience AND keep the resume to one page, absolutely do so. However, if staying to one page means you cut out quality experience that is applicable to the position for which you are applying, then go on to a second page.

Always remember that the purpose of your resume is to convince the reader to call you for an interview.  And based on studies, your resume has little time to accomplish that goal. Make every second of that review count by fashioning a concise, brilliant resume.

Written by Adam Lafield, Recruiter & Marketing Specialist