Graduates: Success in 5 Easy Steps

Congratulations on your big achievement! College graduation is huge! After years of hard work as a student, you’ve reached the end. Well in reality, it’s the beginning…of your career! Since this is all very new, figuring out next steps can be a bit confusing. To help get you started, let’s do a quick breakdown and give you a rough outline of how these next steps might look.

Five Steps to Success after College Graduation

1. Graduate and celebrate

After graduation, I know you’re all excited to just jump right into the search. But take some time to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Look back on all that you’ve accomplished. Then you can start looking forward into your future. Let yourself feel all the potential that lies ahead on your career path.

2. Create your resume, cover letter template, and other crucial documents

We actually have a bunch of blogs in our archives that would be helpful for this. In the beginning, you’ll just need the basics and can then later customize your resumes and cover letters as you apply for various positions. And while it’s a bit early in the game, it’s still not a bad idea to start thinking about professional references so you can create that document as well.

3. Take stock of your resources

Your school’s career center is a great place to start. They may be able to help you with leads and/or job-searching tips. Also don’t forget the power of networking. Meet new people and steward those relationships over time. You’ll find that they are your most valuable resource and can unlock lots of doors for you. And the rest of your search will likely be comprised of ads on specific company websites and job boards like CareerBuilder, Indeed, and LinkedIn.

4. Apply!

These days, most application processes begin online. Think of each application as a seed that you plant. You have to plant lots of them because you don’t know which ones will take root. And keep in mind also that some may not grow immediately, but it’s still important to keep planting because that’s the only way to achieve a fruitful harvest. And on that note, the punny farmer metaphor has officially come to an end.

5. Interview

The first couple interviews can seem overwhelming, but they really don’t have to be! Honestly, it’s a conversation. This is your chance to talk about yourself and your goals while also learning a great deal about a company. Don’t let it freak you out! And before you start getting interviews lined up, think about what you’ll want to wear so you’ll be ready to dress your best before you even get your first interview request.

Written by Adam Lafield, Recruiter & Marketing Specialist