How to Ensure Your Hiring Process Stinks!

Obviously, no one wants to have a hiring process that stinks or provides less than stellar hires. But if you are not getting the quality of hires you are ultimately seeking, please take an honest look. Make sure you are NOT doing any of these things.

To ensure your hiring process stinks, please carefully follow all the following steps

  1. Write a super boring job description. One that only discusses the skills and experience the right candidate must have before they walk in the door.
  2. Take forever to review resumes. Ensure ensure you have collected all the possible applications before you make any decisions about scheduling interviews.
  3. Save time when scheduling interviews by simply sending an email to coordinate the interview date and time. Don’t bother to follow-up to confirm the interview. But if you must, send a form letter email that provides minimal details. The date, time, and address are all they need to be able to show up.
  4. Make sure all the interviewers know not to talk at all about company. Things like team, culture, promotion prospects, learning opportunities, etc. could give the impression your company may be a fun place to work.
  5. Take your time after the interview. As much time as you need! So you arrive at a group consensus about who should move forward in the process.
  6. Reach out to those who made the cut to schedule a second interview. Don’t worry about telling those who didn’t make the cut. They will figure it out eventually.
  7. Make sure the second interview is long and tedious. The candidate should meet any and all people they may ever work with.
  8. Even if you are feeling confident about your choice, take the time to schedule a third, fourth or even a fifth interview. Just to guarantee the candidate has answered every question you could imagine.
  9. When it comes time to make an offer, take it slow. Try to figure out the lowest possible salary you think will be accepted. No need to waste any money!
  10. After the offer is accepted, definitely don’t let them know you are happy. Do NOT congratulate them. And certainly do not give them any guidance on what to do and how to prepare for the first day of work. Consider your work done.

It is easy to get caught up in the process and not realize one piece of your hiring process is off. A simple tweak could make all the difference in the quality of hires going forward.

Written by Tiffany Appleton, Director, Accounting & Finance Division