I have had a very positive experience with Johnson & Hill with my recent assignments. I feel Pam Fernandes has been very helpful and attentive to what my goals and constraints have been during my time with Johnson & Hill Staffing. She is very professional, kind, responsive and a pleasure to work with. I would absolutely recommend your company to others who are interested in expanding their skill set and experience as I am. I would also like to mention how helpful the other staff members (Stephanie comes to mind) have been in answering questions I had regarding submitting my time. Always very helpful and thorough in answering my email questions promptly and graciously. The staff in your Northampton office were very helpful as well. As a side note, I typically do not respond to requests to share feedback (too many, too much time out of a busy day), but I really wanted to share my positive experience with your company.


Your staff are all kind, caring, and competent. They’ve all been great to me, especially Pam. Thank you.


Johnson & Hill was wonderful to work with right from the start. My interview appointment was punctual, precise and timely. The staff was courteous and right on point with proper paperwork for me to complete. The assignment I was first sent on is where I still am and I am anticipating permanent employment with my first-assigned job. I have been able to reach everyone whom I needed to and or the returned my call promptly with the answers to my questions. I would and will certainly recommend Johnson and Hill to anyone who finds themselves in a position such as I did, when, suddenly, you are unemployed and have a skill set to offer.


We have turned to Johnson & Hill to fulfill our staffing requirements and they have not let us down. They understand the quality of employee we require and do everything they can to ensure their placements meet our standards. Johnson & Hill have been a partner in our success, and I will continue to turn to them for staffing solutions.

Consulting Service

We have had, overall, very positive experiences with Johnson & Hill…It has simplified our recruiting, interviewing and training processes.

Medical Office

Johnson & Hill has worked with my company for many years. Over those years it has been a pleasure to work with such a professional, attentive, friendly staff who go the distance to provide on-site assistance as needed. They are truly great business partners who strive to exceed our business needs.

Financial Services Client

During my 25 year career working in Human Resources here in the valley, Johnson & Hill has been there for me throughout those years. They have consistently provided top quality individuals for my assignment needs. It is a pleasure working with these professionals who strive to meet the needs of their clients day in and day out while at the same time understanding my needs.

Longterm client

Johnson & Hill always comes through. For the past four years, all I have done is place a one line email or short voice mail and before you know it, I have just the right employee. They have made it such an easy process.

Local University

I still work for Johnson & Hill Staffing Services and am happy that I do. I would really like a permanent job, but am contented that I have had good assignments through this agency.


I am so grateful for what Johnson & Hill has done for my career. My placement specialist was the most proactive temp agent I have ever worked with. She kept in contact with me every day and got me back into the company I wanted to work for very quickly. Thank you Johnson & Hill!