Everyone I had contact with at Johnson & Hill was kind, professional and helpful. They gave me great coaching and feedback to help me in the search process. My experience was positive – I was partnered with an employer that hired me permanently! Thank you!


Great experience; staff are very helpful and friendly. They me feel like a priority


I appreciated everything they have done for me. It’s been an absolute great time with the company so far and I have been continuing to learn a lot. I just would like to thank everyone for their help in finding me my first full time job. I have loved every minute and I will continue to take everything as an opportunity to continue growing more.


The application process was quite smooth, and once my job application was approved, I was placed very quickly into a job that was a good fit for my needs. The staff is very friendly and extremely helpful.


I’m new to the Springfield, Massachusetts area and thus far my experience with Johnson & Hill has been an exceptional one. The staff has been friendly and easy to communicate with. They are quick to resolve any issue that may arise, if any. I would absolutely recommend them to someone seeking employment


My experience with Johnson and Hill has been has been phenomenal. They go out of their way to contact you with information about jobs and are very easy to speak with. I have been nothing but satisfied with the way I’ve been treated. If I ever needed to use a temp agency again or someone asked for a recommendation, I wouldn’t hesitate one bit to mention J&H.


Every J&H staff person I’ve communicated with has been warm, insightful, judicious, responsive, and dependable. Very little time elapsed between my application and my first assignment, which not only improved my financial situation but also made me feel I was being taken seriously — an ego boost most job seekers need in these times when employers rarely even acknowledge their receipt of applications! Thanks for your help.


My experience with Johnson & Hill was nothing but positive. They completely exceeded my expectations for a staffing company. They were professional and very well organized. Almost every question I possibly had along the process was answered without me asking, any question I did have was answered promptly. I am fully satisfied with my experience and hold no complaints.


I’ve had a fantastic experience working with Johnson & Hill. Almost immediately they found a placement for me that was so well suited. They’ve been very receptive to any of my questions or concerns. Such a great company, it almost feels too good to be true!


I love working with Johnson & Hill. Everyone is so helpful and wonderful. Thank you for helping me obtain this great assignment.