I love the site that Johnson & Hill staffing has provided for me. My site managers are awesome, and extremely flexible with my schedule. Johnson & Hill itself have provided great service and support throughout my employment here.


Your help has been indispensable. I moved to Northampton not knowing a soul and before long, Carolyn and Pam placed me in the precise type of job I was looking for. I feel indebted. Thank you.


It was amazing, Carolyn Marchese found me a position the next day that paid more than I expected to make doing a job I love.


My experience with J&H has been great. Pam Fernandes has been my main point of contact and she’s a dream to work with. Everyone else has been prompt, professional, and pleasant. I’ve recommended J&H to numerous people. Temping is a great solution when you are job searching or building your business. It provides a steady income, adds to your skill sets and connections, and allows you to serve a staffing need where you are appreciated because you alleviate a workload issue or vacancy. I’ve had interesting assignments, and J&H has made the process seamless. Thank you!


I have had a very good experience. Everybody is very friendly and professional. Any questions that I had were answered in a reasonable amount of time.


Very supportive, I felt Pam was behind me all the way, always looking for opportunities for me and helping me whenever help was needed


How do I feel about my experience with JHS? I love the personal attention that I get from the staff-its all in the details -they know me. I always get the sense that they’re looking out for me and wanting the best possible job experience for me. I have worked with Pam for years. And Helen now retired hired me when I first moved here from Hawaii. They’ve been my personal cheerleaders! As an organization I am a huge fan of Johnson and Hill which placed me in countless – positions over the years providing me opportunities to develop many skills. As a result I’ve made many contacts and Have grow professional.


It was smooth, easy and stress-free. Everyone was extremely quick to respond and ensure I was understanding the entire process.


Very nice people. Professional and responsive. I felt like they truly knew and understood me and my needs, even though I’d only met one of them in person once. Seems like they truly work as a team, working for me….Thank you


Johnson & Hill Staffing has helped me tremendously during a time when it was very difficult to find work. Whether you are searching for temporary work or seeking a permanent position the team of professionals at Johnson & Hill will help match you with the right assignment based on your qualifications. I would highly recommend Johnson & Hill staffing as the first step when seeking employment.