I had never worked with a staffing company. While I did not know what to expect, Johnson & Hill exceeded my expectations. I was able to communicate with the company quickly and easily, and an answer was readily available every single time. I felt like Johnson & Hill was in my corner. They made sure I had everything I needed to do my job, answered questions, offered guidance, and put my needs first. I felt protected by the company, and I was very impressed by the benefits they offer. This was an amazing experience for me, one that leaves an excellent impression, and creates a high precedent for all staffing companies.


Great agency, awesome staff, wonderful management. I have only worked for them a short time, however they have made my work experience flourish. I have worked in 2 different positions that I never though I would work in because it was through a temp agency. For the first assignment, I was put with a great group of people who worked well together.


Johnson & Hill is a great temp agency, they placed me within two weeks at a company I really like, they touched base with me after I had been at the company for a week or two to ensure I was fitting in/didn’t have any issues.


Johnson and Hill Staffing is a quality temporary agency with great staff. The staff supports you at your placement and cares about you and your employment needs.
I highly recommend them.


The entire staff was helpful and tended to every question I had. They were professional and friendly and took my best interests to heart. I would highly recommend this team for your job needs.


I recently moved to New England area from Alabama and started the grueling job searching process on my own for about a month. After no promising leads, I found J+H Staffing Company while doing an online search and decided to reach out to them. They were very quick to respond and further discussed my job interests I was searching for and reviewed my resume. They were very thorough in finding out my job desires and career interests, and initially, I accepted small assignments to keep myself afloat. Until finally, I accepted temp-to-hire position that eventually led to a permanent position. I am extremely grateful and pleased with my experience with this staffing service agency, thank you so much Johnson & Hill Staff!


Johnson and Hill Staffing Services is amazing!! Everyone on their team is professional, honest and helpful. I had experience in a broad variety of positions and had originally applied for an administrative position there. I didn’t qualify for that position but they helped me find a great job that opened up a lot of opportunities for me. They made me feel confident, supported and excited thought the whole hiring process. Thank you!


The staff at Johnson & Hill were extremely helpful and professional. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a job in the area.


Everyone with whom I interacted at Johnson & Hill was very friendly and professional. I felt very much at ease with them and they really do listen to find a great pairing between client and work place.


Wonderful experience throughout the whole process, everybody was super helpful. Thank You